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Welcome to 30-06sprg.com where we’ll review topics like ammunition, including factory ballistics and brands, reloading supplies and components, ballistic terms and tables; optics like binoculars, scopes, bases, rings and reticles; rifle actions, manufacturers, barrels, stocks, triggers; and lastly target shooting and hunting strategies for the .30-06 Springfield. Hi, I’m David Brady and my goal here in 30-06SPRG.com is to talk about the all-around classic rifle cartridge, the .30-06 Springfield and why it is my choice for big game hunting in Canada.

It all started when…
It all started when, as a boy of 8 years old my Uncle Elwood and Aunt Patsy came to visit my folks in Northern Ontario where I was raised. We lived in the Geraldton/Long Lac area, north of Lake Superior and east of what was then called Fort William/Port Arthur (now called Thunder Bay), that’s right – real bush country.

Northern Ontario is a rugged mix of Canadian Shield
Giant rock outcrops, boreal spruce, and pine, birch and poplar (aspen) forests mingled with extensive waterways all across Northern Ontario consisting of lakes, rivers, marshes, bogs and swamps. Its excellent Black Bear and Canadian Moose country and Uncle Elwood brought his brand new Remington M700 BDL Custom Deluxe with a black ebony fore-end tip, Monte Carlo cheek pad and semi-gloss exterior. Of course, it was chambered in .30-06 SPRG and I was about to experience my first introduction to shooting and hunting.

Planning the Hunt
Uncle Elwood was looking for Moose and after Dad showed him on the map some logging roads leading into the backcountry around Geraldton, we took off in his Chevy pick-up and headed for the bush. After driving for about three quarters of an hour, we arrived at an area recently logged out, sitting just up a sloping hill from a nearby lake with a large marshy, weed choked bay at one end – just a great spot for Northern Pike! Uncle Elwood thought there might be a Moose browsing in the new saplings quickly growing in the recently clear-cut blocks all along the gravel road.

The Silence was Shattered
Well, it was awful hot that day and I think now that most of the game was bedded down staying out of the afternoon heat. Early September afternoons can still get plenty hot in the northwoods. At this point, Uncle Elwood pointed to a three-foot wide pine tree at the edge of the clear cut block, I think about 150 yards away and said “Watch that tree there, I’m going to shoot it right in the center”. Using the open iron sights, he shouldered the rifle and after what seemed an eternity, the silence was shattered with what my 8 year old ears thought was the hugest thunder blast I’d ever heard – it startled me and my ears began to ring! I looked across the stumps and brush piles and saw that tree had a new ‘spot’ directly in the center of the trunk and about five feet above the ground, exactly where it was intended to go!

Awesome Power of the 30-06 SPRG
What an experience that was. I had just witnessed the awesome power unleashed by the .30-06 SPRG in the Canadian northwoods.I kept the fired brass for years after that, eventually loosing track of it sometime later but I’ll never forget having the opportunity to head out with an experienced hunter and sportsman searching for the largest game animal in North America holding that Remington M700 BDL Custom Deluxe chambered in .30-06 SPRG.

Thanks everyone and welcome to 30-06SPRG.com!